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Organizing for Real People

Posted on the 11 May, 2012 at 1:29 pm Written by in Life Management

Organization has attracted a lot of attention over the past several years, with TV shows and books presenting us with a zen-like image of how an organized space “should” look.  But organizing is not about how something looks – that’s decorating.  Organizing is about how things work!  Getting and staying organized should make your life easier, not be just another chore to add to the never-ending to do lists we all carry around in our heads, scribbled in our day planners and on odd bits of papers.

I am a formerly disorganized person.  Ten years ago I made a new year’s resolution, as thousands, maybe millions of people do each year, to “get organized”.  I had no idea how that resolution would change my life, and the life of my family.

Do things look different at our house? – sure!  There is less clutter lying about, especially paper.  Does our home look like a magazine layout – not most of the time!  But, we can find what we need, pay our bills on time, and here’s the most important thing: we have time to enjoy one another’s company in a space that is comfortable.

I embrace the concept of “organized enough”.   Organized enough to put a healthy meal on the table several nights a week, and have all 4 of us (plus any stray teenagers who happen to be hanging around) sit and enjoy it together.  Organized enough to have company over without apologizing for the state of our home.  Organized enough to run my business and still read novels in my garden.

I recommend that people find their own “organized enough” based on their own lifestyles and make some realistic organizing goals.  If they are the right fit, you will be much more likely to reach and maintain them!

Written by Laurene


As a formerly disorganized person, Laurene Livesey Park believes that organizing is supposed to make your life easier. She is a big believer in “organized enough”. In 1999 Laurene founded OrganizeMe101.com.

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