Hands-on Organizing

Personal support to help you organize your kitchen, bedrooms, home office, filing system, family calendar, classroom, storage spaces, garage, or basement.

OrganizeMe101 realizes the importance of teaching you how to become better organized in the long run, but they also understand that sometimes clients who are distressingly overwhelmed during the initial consultation may require a more hands-on approach to tackle their organizing project.

Professional Organizer Laurene Livesey Park works one-on-one with clients to establish systems that suit their own organizing styles and preferences. Laurene, a formerly disorganized person herself, now has over seventeen years of experience working one-on-one with clients in Canada, the U.S. and internationally who are chronically disorganized. Laurene will remain on-site and walk you through each step of reorganizing your home or office, and then educate you on the best way to nurture and maintain your newly acquired freedom from clutter and chaos.

OrganizeMe101 works with you to clarify your organization goals, develop a strategy and choose appropriate tools and resources. They will impartially help you decide which items to keep, donate, recycle or throw away, will work to implement customized organizing systems to make life easier and use team work when required. OrganizeMe101 believes that you, your environment and your belongings deserve respect – that you are the expert on what works for you and that organizing should be fun and liberating!

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